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Vivo CPR is dedicated to educating groups and businesses in the life-saving practices of CPR, AED, and first aid training. Emergencies happen when you least expect them, and whether there was an accident or medical episode, you can save a life if you know and administer the proper response. We strive to prepare you for such emergencies so you can act confidently and correctly in a time of distress. All of our classes are conducted on your time, at your location.

The first step to saving a life is learning how.
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We perform our CPR and First Aid training on-site for your comfort and convenience.

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Our courses get right to the point, which avoids downtime and gets your employees trained and back to work more quickly.

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Eliminating travel for your staff means saving valuable time that would be otherwise lost by a lengthy commute.

CPR Training

At Vivo CPR, we provide professional CPR training for your group, at your location. Saving lives is what matters, and our qualified instructors will deliver the absolute best education for your staff so you can be confident in their ability if an emergency occurs. With Vivo, you have the advantage of staying in your office for our classes, which adds a level of reality to the situation and saves valuable time for the group. In the event of a medical crisis, make sure you and your staff are prepared to spring into action. Sign up for our CPR Training class today and learn the skills you need to save a life.

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First Aid Training

Knowing First Aid means having the knowledge to assist injured persons in a desperate situation as you wait for emergency medical staff to respond. Like CPR, First Aid could be life saving in certain situations and is an extremely valuable set of skills for anyone to learn. We provide exceptional First Aid training and education to your staff that will help them become certified in the practice. As with CPR, our First Aid classes are conducted at your location to provide you with the most reasonable education process we can. Have your staff educated and trained today by signing up for a Vivo First Aid Class.

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